Project Outcomes

The project will produce the following direct outcomes:

The project results are disseminated through a combination of channels, including this web-site, an Electric Appliance Energy Guide in the national languages of each partner, press releases, publications in key international energy efficiency conferences, in trade and technical magazines, as well as one dissemination workshop in each country.


European Database

An updated European database on residential consumption, including Central and Eastern European countries, as well as accession countries (Bulgaria and Romania), was developed.


Innovative Methodologies


A harmonised monitoring/surveying methodology was developed and applied in a statistical sample. Monitoring carried out according to a specific strategies coupled with surveying campaigns were carried out in twelve participating countries.
The collected data support common analysis of the residential electricity consumption, including user behaviour in the selection and operation of the equipment. The barriers which prevent the penetration of energy-efficient equipment will be identified leading to the definition of strategies for market transformation and recommendations to policy makers.


Software Tool

The Software Tool that was developed enable users to perform a cross comparison of the energy performance of similar households in the countries involved, using both standard efficiency and high efficiency equipment. This interactive approach ensure that the visitor of this website have the chance to understand the energy performance of their households and how significant improvements can be achieved. This user-friendly software tool also guide users in the proper selection and operation of equipment.



Policy Recommendations

From this project was resulted a set of policy recommendations for each type of equipment in the residential sector, which can lead to a successful market transformation and to provide cost-effective energy and carbon savings, addressing both conventional appliances and new fast growing loads


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