Target Groups

The project activities target national energy authorities in member states:

In “old” European countries, such as:
  • Belgium;
  • Denmark;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Greece;
  • Italy;
  • Norway;
  • Portugal;
  • Switzerland.
In “New” Central and Eastern European countries, such as:
  • Czech Republic;
  • Hungary.
In accession countries such as:
  • Romania;
  • Bulgaria.

The project activities also target the European Commission, aiming at supporting EU policy makers with reliable information and tools which are essential to draft policies and legislation to promote energy efficient market transformation in the household sector.

REMODECE is directly addressed at the following major groups of stakeholders at national level:
  • Policy makers: National, authorities responsible for energy efficiency policy definition, implementation and evaluation;
  • Energy agencies;
  • Energy consultants, responsible for carrying out energy efficiency interventions;
  • Equipment Manufacturers and trade associations;
  • Importers, distributors and vendors;
  • Installers of energy-efficient equipment;
  • Energy service companies and energy distribution companies (particularly relevant if the Energy Services Directive is approved).

Involvement of key market stakeholders will ensure a better understanding of the market dynamics and will support the definition of credible and realistic policies.


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